How to wear the perfect shoe: The right way

When you’re looking for the right pair of shoes for the season, you’ll want to choose shoes that will be comfortable for you and your style, says designer Kroten.

Krots shoes are made with a durable synthetic material that’s designed to last for years, she explains.

It’s also easy to clean and wash.

“These are shoes that are made for a very specific purpose,” she says.

“The only thing that changes is the materials used to make the shoes.

The leather is just one material used to provide support to the soles of the shoes, the soling is made of rubber, and the lacing is made from a material that doesn’t react with moisture or sweat.”

To achieve that, Krotz uses a process called abrasion, which she says is used in many traditional shoe factories.

“It’s essentially the same as a hammer and nails.

The hammer is hammered into the shoe, and then you add nails to the nail, and that is where the polish comes in,” she explains, “then you hammer away at the nail with the hammer, and it’s polished away.”

And that’s how she makes her shoes.

“We do abrading all of our shoes,” she continues.

“I do a lot of it on the day I make the shoe.

I do it every day, I do a very thorough job.

It takes a very, very careful hand to do it properly.”

To help you get the perfect pair of shoe, Kropotkin recommends finding a pair that matches your style and lifestyle.

“Some people are more comfortable in black or brown, and some people prefer to wear white shoes,” Krottens explains.

“But if you’re like me and you like your shoes to be as versatile as possible, then you will want to go for something in between.”

Here are the top 5 best styles of women’s footwear for winter.