Top 10 women’s footwear brands

By Laura Brown / Business Insider via Getty ImagesWhat are the top 10 women-focused brands for women?

It’s a tough one to pin down, with plenty of female brands trying to capture the female buyer’s attention, or at least make the brand feel more appealing.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

Torrid Women’s ShoesSource: TorridWomen’s Shoes via Business InsiderThe name Torrid Shoes is a combination of the words “triple bottom,” “thick” and “shoes,” which suggests that this shoe is a three-quarter-inch thick shoe.

The Torrid brand is best known for its affordable pricepoint, and the shoes have been worn by many high-profile models such as Kylie Jenner and Kate Upton.2.

The Halsey Collection of Women’s Shoe BrandsSource: TheHalseyCollection of Women, Shoes, Shoes source Business Insider (UK, US)The Halseys are a line of affordable women’s shoe brands that are popular among young women, with a number of their models wearing Halseies.

The brands range from casual to more high-end and the price ranges from £100 to £700 ($125-200 USD).3.

The Dolce & Gabbana Collection of ShoesSource