New Apple Watch app gets Apple Watch-friendly name

Apple is adding a little-known but highly coveted brand to its smartwatch lineup.

The company is launching a brand new Apple Watch App on the App Store that’s available to developers that offer both standalone apps for the Apple Watch and a companion watch app.

The new Apple watch app is called the Applewatch app and it’s available for developers to build on top of Apple’s already extensive watch and fitness apps.

Apple’s watch app also has a few more features than its predecessor, such as a redesigned user interface that includes a better search experience, and a redesigned design for the watch face, which has been overhauled.

The watch app will be available in the App store on November 1.

The Watch app was released in June as an experimental version of the AppleWatch app, and it debuted alongside the Apple watch and smartwatch platform earlier this month.

Apple Watch and smartwatches are now one of the most popular platforms for developers working on watch and health apps, and the new app should be a good sign that the Apple ecosystem is getting more and more appealing.