Women’s shoes from 1940s

Women’s footwear in the 1940s featured a variety of styles and features, and the styles were not uniform across the globe.

From women’s tennis shoes, to sandals, to sportswear, to high-top sneakers, there were plenty of women’s footwear options.

Here are some of the best examples of women who wore shoes from the 1940-50s.

Women’s shoes by styleThe 1940s also saw a proliferation of women shoes.

The trend of women wearing heels also started in the US.

In the 1940’s, American women began to wear shoes to work, as well as play sports, to get around and even as a fashion statement.

These styles are still seen today.

Here are some examples of shoes from this period:Women’s shoe stylesBy the time women entered the workforce, the idea of heels had been around for decades.

Many of these styles are based on women’s shoe shapes, which are called “women’s shoes”.

These are made to look like shoes, but they are actually made to fit a woman’s feet and shape.

For example, these shoes are usually called “chinese heels” and “chic heels” because they feature a chunky heel that is shaped like a hand.

These shoes are also called “hairy heels” or “flat heel”.

This is because they have a very narrow heel, making them difficult to walk in on.

Women also began to use the word “hustler” to describe their style, because they wore them to work and in social gatherings.

Women wearing high-topsWomen of the time also wore high-Top shoes to get the most out of their heels.

They had wider toe caps to allow for more freedom in how they walked, which allowed them to take advantage of their feet’ natural flexibility.

Women wore these shoes because they were comfortable and stylish, but also because they allowed them the freedom to be more active.

A high-T-top is a high-rise shoe that is more than 6 inches (15 centimeters) tall.

They also tend to be thinner than high-suede shoes and usually feature more ankle and ankle support.

Here is a look at some of their styles:Women wearing sandalsWomen wore sandals to get in the best shape for the workday.

These sandals were designed to be comfortable for everyday use.

They were designed with a wide toe cap that was designed to allow the wearer to walk with ease.

Sandals were popular with women because they could be worn to work or for social occasions.

In addition to being comfortable, sandals allowed women to look stylish and fashionable.

These were also known as “sandal loafers” because the toes of the shoes are all on one leg.

Women wore sportswearsWomen wore sports bras to wear during the workweek.

The women of the era wore this type of bra for its natural support and flexibility.

These bras were popular in the 1950s because they provided better coverage, while also allowing women to walk better.

A sports bra was also a popular way to dress for work and at social events.

Here is a style for women wearing sportswares, from the 1950’s:Women wear sportswatchesWomen were also using sportswatch shoes to dress.

These style were called “sportswatches”.

These shoes were made to be worn during the day and worn for work, sports and social occasions, but were also designed to give a feminine look.

These are popular with many women today because they give them more support and comfort, as they have wider soles.

Women were also more likely to wear these shoes in their everyday wear because they also gave women a sense of style.

These look great with a skirt or blouse.

Here’s a style that is a little more contemporary, from today:Women wore tennis shoesWomen played tennis as part of their daily life.

Tennis shoes were a popular choice for this time period because they provide great support and cushioning.

They are designed to have a flat toe and are made with a “flat” sole.

The soles are also narrow and allow the sole to be shaped in a way that allows for the heel to be raised.

Women are still using tennis shoes as a way to express their style today.

Here’s a look that shows how tennis shoes can be worn in different ways.

Women wear sandals women played tennis in the late 1940s.

The popularity of tennis shoes among women meant that they became increasingly popular.

Women of the 1940 era also wore sandal loafer shoes, which were often designed to make them look more stylish than high heels.

Here they are shown in this fashion.

Women played the sport of tennisWomen played basketball, tennis and soccer in the early 1950s.

In general, women played these sports because of the great support provided by these sports.

Women used tennis shoes to give them the flexibility they needed for sports, because tennis shoes are so flexible, and they also made them comfortable to