Pikolino shoes in India are expensive but worth it

Pikolorinos are a traditional Japanese footwear, designed for men to wear during the winter months.

While these shoes are not very fashionable, the company that makes them sells them for about $20 to $30, and they’re considered a luxury item.

The women’s version is made of wool, with a leather sole, but you can buy a version that’s made of polyester or nylon for about the same price.

The footwear has a soft-touch leather sole with a mesh tongue, and the soles are made from leather and nylon.

Pikolinos are also available in women’s and men’s sizes.

They are sold in Japanese online shops and on e-commerce platforms.

The company says that it has more than 2 million pairs in circulation, but it is unclear how many are in India.

The website of the Pikolais’ company, Pikolineis India, has a store in Mumbai that has more to offer than just the shoes.

A picture of a woman wearing the shoes in Mumbai, India.