When is the next shoe-bashing episode coming to the US?

The adidas Originals adidas OG-10, the first shoe from the iconic US shoe brand, will launch globally in July and will be sold in stores in the US for $160.

The shoe is a collaboration between adidas and adidas’s parent company Adidas Originals.

The adios will be available at adidas retail stores starting in July, and in select US stores beginning in August. 

The OG-8 is the second shoe from adidas to launch in the United States after the OG-9.

It will be released in November and available in select retailers in the country. 

According to the adidas website, the OG10 is “the most complete evolution of the OG9 and the OG8.

The OG10 features a completely redesigned heel for enhanced comfort and stability, and the shoe has been engineered with more durability and support than ever before.

The innovative design has created a shoe that has a truly timeless look and feel.” 

The adidas adios are expected to be available exclusively through the adios.com website and will include exclusive adidas design samples. 

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Will the adioes shoe be the next big shoe to go to the U.S.?

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