New research shows men don’t wear their socks in women’s footwear

A new study has found men don´t wear their sock in women´s footwear.

The findings have been published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The study analysed more than a million shoes in the US and found that women wear socks only when they want to be in a comfortable position, or when they have a tight fit.

They were also much more likely to use them for running and cycling, and were more likely than men to have a high heel.

Women were also more likely with a high foot arch to wear a pair of boots with low heel and low foot arch, the study found.

The shoes were also designed to be comfortable, and the study also found that men wore socks less often than women, but more often in women than in men.’

They make us look sexy’The researchers said the study was designed to find the cause of men wearing socks to be more likely at times to be seen wearing them.

“If we could find a reason why it is so common, then maybe it would help us to understand why there is this behaviour,” Dr Stephanie Hickey, of the University of Adelaide, said.

“It makes us look like sexy, it makes us appear cool, and it also makes us feel good about ourselves.”

The researchers used data from the US Census Bureau from 1871 to 1990 to identify the number of men who had worn socks and women who had not.

They then compared these numbers with data from more than 50 studies.

The average number of socks worn by a male in a year was 9.5.

By comparison, the average number for a woman was 3.2.

Men were more than twice as likely as women to have low-heel socks, the researchers found.

Men also wore socks on a shorter time and in greater numbers than women.

However, when it came to the most common type of socks, men were more often than not wearing them in the heel position, and women were more frequently wearing them with low heels.

The researchers also found women were less likely to have socks with a low heel.

Dr Hickey said the research was important because it could help doctors understand why socks are worn.

“They make men look sexy and it makes them feel good when they wear them, and we want to find out what’s going on behind the scenes in the clinic,” she said.